19 March 2018

Remain in your home, move to assisted living accommodation for the elderly, or a retirement care home?

If these questions are being asked, it is often because loss of autonomy has begun to rear its head.

What elements should be taken into account in making the right decision?


1. Stay in your home for as long as possible

It is often the solution to choose first, provided the person still has a sufficient degree of autonomy.

Care assistants or housekeeping help will facilitate day-to-day living. Thought should be given to equipping the person with a remote alarm or remote assistance service, especially if they live on their own. This could be a pendant or emergency button system, or a more fully featured safety solution such as the Otono-me service, which alerts automatically in the event of a problem, and which allows loved ones to be kept informed remotely from wherever they may be.


2. Opt for assisted living accommodation for the elderly

If a move to senior accommodation is planned, it should not be left too long! This will allow the person to become more accustomed to their new surroundings, where they will be living autonomously in private lodgings.

Services will be accessible on a daily basis, without the constraints of living collectively.

Whether in accommodation or at home, the various types of personal care and remote assistance can be arranged to ensure the comfort and well being of the elderly person.

Note: some establishments offer the Otono-me service to all their residents! Be sure to check with yours!


3. Moving to a retirement care home

The choice between moving to senior accommodation or a retirement care home depends on the elderly person’s state of health. In the case of reduced autonomy, medical care homes (Ehpad) will be most suitable.

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