Daily care with vigilance in mind


Installed in the main room of the home. Allows the person with the installation to communicate with an emergency centre available 24/7 without having to get up from the sofa. Plugs into an electrical socket. Requires no internet connection or telephone subscription.

Motion sensor

Placed in the main rooms of the home: kitchen, bedroom, living room and hall. Detect a person’s movement in one of the rooms of the home. Battery-operated (12 to 24 months of autonomy). No drilling required.

Door sensors

Placed at the entrance door of the home. Detects door openings. Battery-operated (12 to 24 months of autonomy). No drilling required.


Worn on the wrist or around the neck.
Allows a person pressing the centre button of the pendant to be contacted by an emergency centre. The person is rescued in case of problems. Waterproof and battery-operated (12 to 24 months of autonomy).

Otono-me automatically detects unusual behaviour by your loved one

Comment fonctionne Otono-me ?

Your relative has spent too long in the bathroom. Maybe there’s a problem.


Julien, at the emergency centre, is informed immediately. He contacts your relative.

If Julian gets no response, he contacts the family and/or the neighbours.

Someone nearby makes a visit.

Discover how the service may be used

Did my mum get up ok this morning ?

Sleep is very important, especially as you get older. Sleep also has an impact on the lives of seniors outside their home. In fact, 23.5% of seniors with insomnia spend less than an hour outside, just like almost half of those aged 80 or over…
Otono-me allows you to monitor the progress of your loved one’s sleep.

Did dad have lunch today?

Food is an essential component in the daily life of seniors. In fact, undernourishment affects 40% of hospitalised patients and it has generally been established beforehand at home and is then responsible for diseases.
Otono-me lets you make sure that your loved one makes regular visits to the kitchen as usual. If there is a drop in activity in this room, it is good to find alternatives such as the delivery of meal trays so that your loved one continues to eat properly.

Watching over your loved one has never been easier

The Otono-me app easily allows you to check at a glance to see if all is well with your loved one.

Activity monitoring

You phone your loved one but there is no answer? Don’t be worried any more and quickly check whether or not your loved one is at home.

Going outside

Does your loved one make regular trips outside as usual? Be informed when your loved one goes outside and monitor activity outside the home.


Did your loved one sleep well? Monitor time spent sleeping thanks to time spent in the bedroom .


Does your loved one continue to eat normally in the kitchen?
Monitor time spent in the kitchen.

Living area

Does your loved one continue to spend as much time as usual in the living room?
Monitor the time of activity in the main room of the home.

Pendant call button

Has your loved one pressed the beeper recently? Monitor the rate of use of the pendant call button by your loved one. Its use may be related to a fall but also to a need to have more company.

Customised alerts

Receive an SMS when our loved one is away from the home for too long or when he/she does not go to the bedroom at night, for example.

Alerts for unusual activity

When your loved one makes drastic changes to their lifestyle, Otono-me automatically detects it without having to use the pendant call button. An alert is sent to the emergency centre. It contacts your loved one to check if everything is ok.

Service status

Has the service been activated at the home of your loved one?
During the installation of the service, a 30-day learning period allows you to learn the lifestyle of your loved one. Discover at a glance when the service is active.

Social network

View members of your loved one’s social network and phone them easily using the app

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