23 April 2018

How to select your remote assistance?

Do you have a loved one who is suffering from a loss of autonomy?

Care workers will be in attendance several hours per week, and a remote assistance service will be needed to provide a complete and effective system.

Its function: if the person is in trouble, a call is made to a telephone assistant, who will be able to ensure the urgent despatch of emergency services if required.

How to select the right type of system?

You may be considering:

  • An emergency call pendant, to be worn around the neck or wrist
  • A call pendant with activity sensors installed within the home
  • A watch or telephone

What are the 3 criteria to keep in mind to make the correct choice?

1. The person is often out of their house, gardening or having a walk

In this case, the telephone handset with remote assistance is suitable, and will allow the person to be reachable, or to call out by pressing an alert button

2. The person has no cognitive issues, and will remember to wear their pendant

In this situation, the pendant solution is most suitable: the pendant will need to be worn day and night to ensure the person’s safety at all times.

3. The person is reticent about wearing a pendant? They may not remember it all the time? Or they have cognitive issues?

Only remote assistance services with activity sensors can provide an effective safety solution in this scenario. The Otono-me solution, available in France nationwide, can allow you to ensure the safety of a loved one, in a simple, discrete, and reassuring way, from wherever you are, thanks to its smartphone app and the alerts, which are sent out if an incident occurs.


Have you made your selection? Get in touch with a remote assistance supplier to make your purchase and arrange its installation!


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