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Be reassured and connected on a daily basis...

Otono-me is the connected solution for monitoring a relative remotely.
The person lives at home with complete peace of mind and connected to the whole family.

Discreet sensors are installed in the person’s home. The person is neither filmed nor listened in on and personal privacy is preserved.

The service is installed in any type of housing without requiring an internet connection or telephone subscription.

... and receive alerts in good time !

Otono-me watches over your loved one and reacts whenever they are in danger.
An alert is sent automatically.
The emergency centre option allows you to rely on professionals being available to your loved one 24/7.

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Access to Otono-me app from your mobile phone, your tablet or your computer and discover the "Demonstration Mode".


Otono-me One


Vigilance with care in mind

Sensor (x1)

App for relatives

Families’favourite offer

Otono-me Five

Monitoring, Alerting

Vigilance with care in mind
+ Automatic detection of danger

Sensors (x 5)

App for relatives

SMS alerts in case of danger

Otono-me Five+

Monitoring, Alerting, Supporting

Vigilance with care in mind
+ Automatic detection of danger
+ Professional support 24/7

Sensors (x 5)

Basic telecare

A panic button

App for relatives

Alerts sent to an emergency centre in case of danger

88 %

of seniors are reassured thanks to the Otono-me service

+ 2500

of people trusted us by using Otono-me

93 %

of senior citizens forget they have sensors installed at home


Why install the Otono-me connected solution?
Otono-me is THE connected solution providing families with peace and security.
Choose from 3 packs: the Otono-me One pack, Otono-me Five pack, and the Otono-me Five+ pack.
So you can select the most suitable pack depending on your needs and those of your loved one. You will then be able to switch packs if your needs change.
The Otono-me solution reassures families that have members living alone. It provides effective updates on a daily basis.
The Otono-me Five+ pack is particularly suitable for people suffering from minor loss of memory, cognitive disorders, and diseases such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's.
What do families think of Otono-me?
Otono-me has already protected and reassured more than 3000 people.
88% of seniors say they feel reassured since the service has been installed in their home.
In 93% of cases, they completely forget that they have sensors installed in their home.
They live as normal, while Otono-me watches over them.
Families are also reassured in more than 70% of cases, and they really appreciate the ergonomics and information provided by the app.
See family testimonials here
How can I purchase Otono-me?
To take advantage of the Otono-me service, just call us on (+33)5 82 95 50 52 or go to the ORDER page.

Select the offer that best meets your needs. Pay for your pack online and receive it in the mail within 3 working days.
How does Otono-me work?
1 or more discreet sensors are placed in the main rooms of the person's home : kitchen, living room, bedroom and/or hall.
There's no need for an internet connection or landline phone - a plug socket is enough.

With Otono-me Five et Otono-me Five+, the service adapts to your loved one's home and lifestyle.
In case of danger, Otono-me automatically sends an alert, either to a listening centre or to relatives.

Finally, in the case of Otono-me Five+, your loved one is also equipped with a pendant call button that can be used in case of problems.

Not sure which pack to choose? Need advice? Call us on (+33)5 82 95 50 52.
What equipment is installed ?
Otono-me One and Otono-me Five : the sensors are motion and door sensors manufactured in Europe.

Otono-me Five+ : the pack comprises an intercom, an emergency pendant call button, 4 motion sensors and 1 door opening/closing sensor.
The equipment is made in France and certified according to ISO 9001. All these sensors are attached using double-sided tape and do not require any work.
How do Otono-me Five et Otono-me Five+ send alerts?
The service works immediately upon installation and hardware activation. Day by day, Otono-me learns the lifestyle of your loved one.
After one month, the software can trigger automated alerts in the event that abnormal activity is detected which may correspond to:
– a fall,
– faintness,
– unusual behaviour (e.g.: the elderly person did not go to the kitchen at midday for lunch).
Which pack should I select according to the autonomy of my relative?
Otono-me is a scalable solution that allows you to meet the needs of your loved one.

Your relative is mobile, independent and autonomous, and you just want to be reassured from a distance?
Otono-me One and its motion sensor show you your relative's movements in the area of the home you select. Simple and reassuring.

You wish to be alerted in case of danger and need to monitor your loved one more actively: Otono-me Five, comprising 5 sensors, automatically detects when your loved one has a problem and alerts you via SMS.

You wish to be completely reassured and supported by professionals on a daily basis: Otono-me Five+ is the most comprehensive care solution with vigilance in mind.

The Otono-me app is included in the 3 offers. Not sure which pack to choose? Need advice? Call us on (+33)5 82 95 50 52.
You can also email us with any questions: contact@otono-me.com
What financial aid is available to finance part of my Otono-me service? (Otono-me Five+ only)
Otono-me Five+ is a remote assistance solution, and as such you can benefit from the various financial aid available:

– The tax credit: you benefit in any case from a tax credit of 50% on your subscription, whether or not you are liable for tax.
A tax certificate will be provided at the beginning of the year and will be attached to your income tax return. Monthly rate for the Otono-me service before tax credit : EUR 54 incl. VATMonthly rate after tax credit: EUR 27 incl. VAT

– PAA (Personal Autonomy Allowance): If you are already a beneficiary of the PAA, for personal assistance services, for example, then check your file to see if an amount is allocated to remote assistance. If you are not a beneficiary of the PAA, make sure you check your eligibility criteria: you must be 60 years old or more, reside in France and have lost your autonomy (a degree of loss of autonomy compliant with GIR 1, 2, 3 or 4 has been evaluated by a team of professionals from your Conseil Départemental (County Council)).
If you think you are eligible for the PAA, fill out the file that can be downloaded here and send it to your department. Someone will visit your home to assess your needs within 2 months.

Thanks to the Otono-me service, I can stay at home, the only place that is dear to me and I feel completely safe there. It has been a good compromise between my own wishes and my daughter’s.


I feel better with the Otono-me system. I know that when I leave my place, the sensor detects when I go out. And when I am home, I feel protected. It is a good solution for me!


Thanks to the Otono-me app, I know if there has been any movement at my mother’s house and that I will be notified quickly if anything has happened.


Mum has just returned to a retirement home: thanks to the service, she was able to stay at home for an extra 18 months, so that was invaluable.


I fell less weak, less isolated with the Otono-me system. I feel safe because I know I can call somebody if anything happens to me.


I decided to get the Otono-me system after falling for the first time… it made me realize that I had become weaker as I was growing older. Therefore, the decision was easy to make.

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