With Otono-me, you can look out for your loved one wherever you are

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How does Otono-me work?

Otono-me already protects over 1500 people

Let’s take the example of Colette, aged 83

She lives her life as usual

Sensors are discreetly installed in her home.
They work even when Colette is not wearing her panic button.

Rest assured

The Otono-me app allows you to check that all is well
at Colette’s in real time!

Easy to use

Access key information
straight from the home screen.

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Otono-me already protects over 1500 people

Otono-me detects any unusual behaviour patterns
at Colette’s

Colette has been
in the bathroom
for a long time.
She may be in trouble.


Julien, from the assistance desk,
is notified immediately.
He contacts her.

If Colette does not answer
Julien’s call,
he will contact one of her family
members or caregivers.

The nearest family member
or caregiver
is on their way over.

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Frequently asked questions

What comes in the Otono-me box?

The Otono-me box contains an intercom unit, an emergency call button, 4 motion sensors and 1 door open/close sensor. The installation is carried out by trained professionals. No internet connection is required, and without any screws or holes!
The Otono-me app can be downloaded for free from the Apple store or Play Store.

How much does the subscription cost?

The subscription cost is set by your regional reseller.
To get in touch with your local distributor and receive information tariffs, please complete the fields below:

How is unusual activity detected?

The service becomes operational as soon as it has been fully installed and activated.
Every day, the Otono-me service gets to know Colette’s patterns of behaviour.
After one month, the software will be able to trigger automated alerts in the event of:
– a fall,
– an episode of dizziness or fainting,
– unusual behaviour (e.g. : Colette did not go into the kitchen at lunchtime).

Who has access to the Otono-me app?

Any family member, friend or caregiver chosen by Colette can use the Otono-me app.

Is the data secure?

Data is stored with OVH, in France, at their Strasbourg and Gravelines data centres.
The servers are secured by protection systems (firewall systems and continual monitoring of data streams within the system’s core software and applications).
All exchanged data coming from the servers is securely encrypted (using SSL – Secure Socket Layer).

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